Tips for Online Computer Games


Computers Games are the most enjoyable pastime among both kids and grownups. With the advancement and accessibility in Internet, online gaming has become the most sought-after games where people can connect with one another and play their favourite game. But it is also important to understand that it has its own risks and thus, we should know how to handle those situations. In online games, the first and foremost thing to avoid posting personal information here to the fellow players. This can lead to a lot of harassment when the information goes to the wrong hands.
Types of Games
There are various types of video games. They are
Boxed Games: Boxed games are those that either come as a CD or cartridge and can be purchased online or from a store. Boxed games can be played from a PC, a console or any handheld devices.
Downloaded Games: Games can be downloaded from the internet to a console, handheld device or a PC. There are also separate marketplaces where it can be bought. Most of these games are casual like puzzles and word games but also come as full-length titles.
Mobile-friendly Games: There are games released as separate apps that can be downloaded in mobiles and played according to the age.
Subscription: Online games can also be subscribed for a fee and played online through streaming instead of physically downloading it.
Social Networking Games: Some computer games can be played through social networks like the Facebook.
Tips for Parents while Children play Online Games
Keep your Machine Secured: When your kids are playing online, be sure to keep all the security features activated in the PC. Firewall, anti-spyware software and anti-virus software should always be enabled in the PC because online games might contain malicious contents. It is also important to update them on a regular basis.
Keep Strong Passwords: It is important to keep strong passwords for the gaming accounts. The password should be at least 12 characters long with special characters. It is better to keep passwords that are easy to remember.
Ratings of Games are Important: When it comes to gaming for kids, it is better to look for the rating of the game. The rating also suggests the age-appropriateness of the game.
Teach to Handle Problems: If your child is bullied online while playing an online game, teach the child to handle the situation by himself / herself. There can also be situations where the problem can be reported to the game’s publisher or the service about the nature of the bully and the offender.
Protecting Personal Information: It is the duty of the parent to not share any information about the child. The parent should instruct the child not to give his name, location, age or gender to another person in the online game. It is also important not use the original photo, and instead use an avatar.
Protecting Identity: If the game features voice chat and video chat, ensure that they are not used.
Playing time should be limited: There are many parental control features available in a lot of games that allows the parents to decide on the time limit of play, with whom the child plays and even lets the parents to enable or disable the chat facility.
Research More: There are more things coming up day by day. Hence, it is important to do more research on the games and keep themselves updated.
Teach Privacy: In addition to protecting privacy, parents should also teach the kids about protecting privacy.
Restrict Download: It is better to not allow the kids to download anything from the internet that claim to improve their performance in the game.
Know that prohibition of computer games with kids would never work. It is better to talk with the kids about the risks and allow them to use their judgement while playing online games.
Tips for Kids while playing Online Games
All the above instructions above are applicable to the kids who are playing online. If the kids find anything uncomfortable, they should speak up with the parents and let them know about the problem. Protect privacy and act smart when in trouble. It is always wise to think before you act. The world is full of strangers. Hence, while you enjoy every bit of the game, it is also important to protect yourself and your family from unwanted things.

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